Monday, May 27, 2013

Catching Up

Hello Fame and Fortune!! No, no. It's not that I have Fame and Fortune. They are just passing by and I thought I'd say "Hello" to them as they pass... Laugh Laugh!!

Anyway, I know that I said I would blog weekly about my TPLO surgery recovery and I did not. So, a quick recap for everyone:

Week 3 - Still in the cage. When will I get out?
Week 4 - Still in the cage. Still can't play with my sisters.
Week 5 - STILL in the cage. I am so tired of being bored.
Week 6 - STILL IN THE CAGE. But I went to the vet this week!
Week 7 - No longer in the cage but I still can't do anything fun like run with my sisters! But I least I can climb up and down stairs so I can sleep in the bedroom or not; my preference.
Week 8 - Still bored; still can't play with my sisters and not allowed to do hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill). I get one or two walks a day of about 30 minutes each. But, some days, it's too hot to walk. It's going to be a hot summer <boooooooo>.

So, there ya go. You're all caught up on my life. Laugh Laugh!!

Today was Memorial Day here in the United States. A day for us to honor those that have not returned to their families while serving in the military. We wish the families of those military personnel peace and we offer our thanks to every veteran - alive and dead - for serving to protect us. 

Chow Down!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

WEEK 2 (and 3)

Week 1 is over! Week 2 is over! Laugh Laugh! Week 3 is beginning!

Week 1 was full of doing nothing. I wore a fentanyl patch for several days after the surgery. That really slowed me down. I slept and slept and slept. I did miss my girls (Trekkie, Val, and Gimme-Mom). It's very boring not being able to play with them.

The first night, Mom and Dad tried to keep me downstairs. HA! Like they thought that would really work. It didn't, of course! I whined and cried and Dad came down and helped me up the stairs (I'm not supposed to be doing stairs at all... Shhhhhhhhh... Don't tell Dr. Brod!). In the morning, Dad helped me back down the stairs. And now, it's a pattern. Dad helps me up the stairs at night and down in the morning Laugh Laugh!! I knew I'd win that fight. It just went way easier than expected!

On the Tuesday following the surgery, we went back. Of course we did, I had to make an appearance for all my adoring fans. And I made a new one! We went to see the Physical Therapist for my exercises for the next 4 weeks and of course she became an instant fan. This handsome body will win ANY one over ... Laugh Laugh!! I started on 2 5-minute walks per day plus some leg exercises and massages. Then we add 5 more minutes per walk each week until I'm up to about 30-minutes per walk. I can also (probably) rebegin my hydrotherapy at about week 6! I LOVE my hydrotherapy!! We'll see what Dr. Brod says when he rexrays in a couple of weeks. But I still can't play with my girls <sad>.

So for this week (Week 3), I'm still stuck in this dang pen during the day. Unable to do anything but take 2 10-minute walks per day. And eat, I guess. Although I get less than I used to! I've lost 5 pounds and Dr. Brod was HAPPY about it! HAPPY I say! It's just not right.

The good news is, the hair is starting to grow back on my leg already and the staples in the knee came out. I'm feeling good and walking a little better. 4 weeks isn't so awful long, is it?

In other news - Mom and Gimme-Mom and Val have been to some shows recently. They've been doing pretty well, although how they could without ME(!) I don't know. But Mom says Val went Best in Sweepstakes one day and Gimme went Best of Breed that same day. My buddy Stig (Val's brother) finished his Championship on that same day too!! A busy show month I guess!!

And that's it for now, internet friends. I hope you all have a pen of your home to keep you safe and warm.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 1

So, yeah. I've been absent from the blog scene for a while. I mean, a looooooonnnnggg while!!

While I've been away, Gimme-Mom came into season again and that blew my little brain cells away. She was pretty fun and interesting before she came into season.... but once she came in for sure, I was so distracted no one could get my attention.

And then Mom and Dad decided that I needed surgery. For what seems like a billion years I've had some knee problems related to a torn cruciate ligament. Well, Mom and Dad decided that I'd better have that fixed. So, yesterday they dropped me off with the wonderful people at Deer Creek Animal Hospital <virtual wave to Dr. Brod!>. I don't really remember much of the day, but when I woke up my leg was bandaged and MY HAIR WAS GONE!! OK, maybe not all of my hair, but the hair on my leg is GONE!! To a fashion savvy guy like me, that's bad news!! How long? How long until the hair grows back??!! <SIGH>

So, it took eternity for Mom to come and get me. She tells me it was only overnight, but when 3 hours is forever to someone, overnight is an eternity! But I was so happy to see Mom when she came to get me! I slobbered all over her dress! Whoooopppsssssss Laugh Laugh!! She said that Dr. Brod laughed over the length of my tongue. She said he had never seen one so long and it stretched all across the operating table! I don't believe her! I know I have a long tongue (it gets in the way when I eat), but it's not that long! But then they got serious and talked about my knee. There is a lot of cartilage loss in my knee. There may be a chance that I will never be normal. But of course, that's expected. I'm far above normal! Laugh Laugh!! Mom, Dad, and Dr. Brod tell me it will be 6-8 weeks for a full recovery. And Dr. Brod wants me to drop some weight. Drop some weight?? I'm not even close to being as heavy as my brothers. Losing some weight will be interesting. But I suppose it makes sense. The lighter I am, the better my joints will be. And we all want me to get better and back to perfect, right? Of course we do! Laugh Laugh!!

So, I named this blog "Week 1" because I'll blog weekly about my recovery. Next week will be Week 2, and then Week 3 (and so on...). I'm hoping to be able to give you the essence of what I'll be going through. This week, it's all rest and relaxation ... in a very small area. No playing with Gimme-Mom, Trekkie, or Val. No walkies with Gramps. Just boring time in my X-Pen <sigh>.

In the meantime, I now have a plate and pins in my leg. And NO HAIR. It might take me a while to get over this....

Party On Peeps!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

What Is Love?

The other day, while I was snuggled between Mom and Dad on the bed... I started thinking about Love. I mean, how do you know when you are loved? What constitutes love as opposed to just borderline "you're OK"?

It's a tough question to contemplate for a young mind like mine. But, I've had enough experience in my 16 months of life to answer the question:

  • Love is Trekkie. My heart. My forever. The girl of my dreams.
  • Love is Val and Gimme. My playmates. The rest of my heart. The ones who "got away" (because they run too dang fast <Laugh Laugh>)
  • Love is going for walks with Gramps and being fed table scraps by Grams!
  • Love is the bed. The snuggles. Undercover Alien.
  • Love is my doggie Mom Windy and my human first-mom Rhonda (now Gramma!! <Laugh Laugh>)
  • Love is being helped up the stairs when needed; and helped on the bed even if we aren't supposed to be there!
  • Love is a fan.... even in winter!
  • Love is Mom and Dad. Home and Hearth. Family and Friends.
  • Love is.

Yep, told ya. I got it down pat, don't I?

Kisses and Hugs to all my internet followers and friends. Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you get your heart's desire!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

So THAT'S what they do!

Every Saturday Mom, Gimme-Mom, Val, and sometimes Trekkie, leave the house for hours and hours! OK, maybe it's not really that long but you know how we dogs are! It seems like forever! And I hate it when they leave me all by myself. BOOOOOO!!! Bad Mommy!

So, I guess I looked pathetic enough for long enough. Because Mom took me today too! YEAH Mom! So, the car was a little snug with all of us dogs in it, plus the neighbor kids Jake and Katey <Shout out to Katey because I know she reads the blog!>. Anyway, the car drive was a little snug and I admit I rode pretty much in Katey's lap all the way to the training center. But Katey was snuggly so it was OK!

And when we got out it was fantastic!Soooooo many other dogs to see and sniff and maybe even play with! Turns out, though, that all Mom wanted me to do was WORK! And work at obedience! WHAT??!! Doesn't she know I'm injured? I don't "do" obedience. DUH! Hmmmmmmm, upon reflection, maybe that's why Mom insisted I go! Laugh Laugh!

Mom didn't make me work very hard. We didn't do any of the fast stuff, and we didn't do any circles to the left - those are really hard for me right now. But I can't believe she made me sit every time we stopped heeling! EVERY TIME! Hrmph.And stay still in a down for 3 minutes? Yeah, that's not going to happen.

I vaguely recall working at all this stuff when I was a puppy. I mean, a young puppy (Laugh Laugh) but I didn't know I was going to be expected to remember all this! I'm not sure if I like it anymore <whine>. I'll have to talk to Mom about this. We have to set some ground rules.

Rule #1 - I don't do obedience anymore
Rule# 2 - Refer back to Rule #1

Laugh Laugh!

After a bit of time, Mom let me go play while she worked with Val and I walked around to sniff the other dogs. No one really wanted to play though so I just lay around with Trekkie and watched Mom work with Val. She's not really any better than I am, she's just younger. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

When we finally went home, we were all exhausted! And I bet it's also why the girls don't like to play much when they get home. They are exhausted too!

Until next time, I hope you all have someone to make you obedient!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

And the race is on!

Laugh Laugh!

Mom so thinks she can win, but she never does. It's a race, and I'm the faster animal. Or mammal. Or whatever. She can't beat me Laugh Laugh!!

OK. So here's the scoop. I love the corner of the couch where Mom usually sits. But, since she's normally sitting there I can't right? So, I ask to go outside or I get Trekkie, Gimme, or Val to ask to go outside. Either way, Mom gets up and we all go outside. Too bad someone has to let us all back in again Laugh Laugh! And too bad that person is normally Mom Laugh Laugh!! Because this is where it gets fun (and funny!)! Mom opens the door to let us in. It's a straight shot from the kitchen door to the couch. Mom has to wait for the last dog to come in so she can close the door again. And I am not the last dog in Laugh Laugh! So Mom races me to the couch as soon as she can, but I'm usually already there and quite comfortable I might add!!

 As you can see, I do sometimes have to share the couch with the little Val. But, since she is one of my best friends forever, I guess I can do that. For now. When I grow up and get really big, there might not be room on the couch for her either!! Laugh Laugh!!

So when Mom decides she is done standing around, she sits on the couch right next to me. Between my front and back legs and just ... gets comfy. I get so HOT! I think she knows this and that's why she does what she does. Because - Booooooooo, mean Mommy! - I then have to get off the couch to get away from all the heat!  I guess that means Mom wins but I'm sure you would all agree with me that Mom cheats to win! And that's not nice! I suppose I will have to come up with some other way to ensure that I get the couch first and get to stay on it....

Until then, I hope you all have a comfy couch of your own internet fans!


Saturday, January 5, 2013


SPOILED! And no, for once, I'm not talking about myself! I would never say that *I* was spoiled! Laugh Laugh!

Trekkie, though I love her to death, is SPOILED. Wow! I mean, I know she's the eldest of the pack (excluding Mom and Dad, of course - because they are way to old to be considered!) but does that mean she should get everything she desires??

Just a little bit ago, Mom shooed everyone out of the kitchen and then put down a bowl of food just for Trekkie. WHAT?! You mean we can no longer sniff and drool over Trekkie's food while she thinks about whether or not she's going to eat it? That's not fair. Because if we are quick enough and startle Trekkie, she jumps away from her food and then WE get it instead. YUMMM!!! But noooooooo, Mom and Dad are now insisting that Trekkie eat by herself. Spoiled I say!

And, Grams and Gramps love her best too! Sure, Gramps takes me for walks every day and takes me to my vet appointments, but they give all their leftover dinner to Trekkie. Trekkie eats very well I'd say! And all because she's SPOILED!

I'm so happy when the neighbor kids come over to walk us and brush us! But they spend more time on - you guessed it - Trekkie! Oh, sure, she's got a longer coat than I do and it tangles way easier... But I'm the almost baby! I should be spoiled! ME! Because I'm, well, ME!!

Awwwwwww heck. Who wouldn't love and spoil this face!! Smooches to my lady love!

Hope you all  have someone to spoil you too!!